Kinda of make you need a slice right now doesn't it.An very cool Ambassador named Nicole Peske shared this totally North Dakotan story with us the other day and since we love ND stories so much, we just had to share.

A friend of Nicole’s parents loves golfing and is lucky enough to own a home on a golf course in Idaho. When he sets out to play 18 holes of golf, he always packs a sandwich, just in case he gets hungry.

One day while eating his sandwich, just watching the golfers go by, a guy walks up to him and asks if he is from North Dakota. As it turns out, he was originally from North Dakota but moved when he was five, needless to say he was shocked that the golfer had guessed such an odd thing.

He tells the golfer his tale and asks how he would have guessed he was from North Dakota. The golfer shares that he also used to live in North Dakota and recognized the Tangy Cloverdale Summer Sausage piled on his sandwich bread! So, after a good laugh the two get to talking and realize they are distant cousins.

So the moral of this tale is you can always judge a man by his summer sausage, but don’t judge to harshly as he may be your cousin.

In case this has spurred your need for the tasty North Dakota treat, order yourself a stick at the Cloverdale Country Store.

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