Guest Blog by Shane Goettle, Commissioner, North Dakota Department of Commerce

Shane Goettle, Commerce Commissioner

Senator Elect John Hoeven named the first members of his new Senatorial staff today, and I have decided to join his team as the state director. I expect my role will evolve and change as Senator Hoeven’s agenda develops. I will wrap up my tenure at Commerce by the end of December. Governor-to-be Jack Dalrymple has asked Paul Govig, who has been my deputy for five years, to serve as interim commissioner while he takes time to select a permanent appointment to this key position.

 This was an extremely difficult decision for many reasons, but most obviously, because I thoroughly enjoy the working for the Comerce Department and the people involved in it.

 When I look back on the last five years, I’m amazed at everything Commerce has accomplished. It has grown from an infant agency to an organization that is trusted to build connections, deliver effective programs and lead the state’s efforts to increase wealth and improve the quality of life for North Dakota people.

The list of new initiatives spearheaded by Commerce in partnership with many others throughout the state is lengthy and includes the Centers of Excellence program, Innovate ND, Operation Intern, Empower ND, the Youth Office, Workforce Enhancement grants, western North Dakota infrastructure development, energy programs, Experience ND, the North Dakota Trade Office, the Native American Business Development Office and much more.

The network of people working to grow our state is stronger today than at any time in our history. State officials are working more effectively with locals and partnerships between communities are the norm not the exception. We are working more efficiently toward a shared vision of prosperity for all North Dakotans. And together we have managed to elevate North Dakota to a position of national prominence.

 I’m confident the leadership of Jack Dalrymple as governor will keep North Dakota on this successful path, and I know community and economic development will remain a cornerstone of his administration.

Thank you for your ongoing involvement in growing North Dakota, and most of all thank you for your friendship. One part about my new role that excites me most is the opportunity I will have to continue working with you and others in North Dakota’s business and development community.


 Shane Goettle

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