Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday North Dah-KOOOO-tah. (breath!) Haaappy Birrrthday too Yooooouuuuu!

123 ways to north dakota

Happy Birthday North Dakota

North Dakota turned 123 years old today having achieved statehood on November 2, 1989. It is ranked as the 39th U.S. State by entry into the Union, however the  exact number is a secret simply because Benjamin Harrison signed the  documents in the blind and it was never disclosed which of the two Dakotas is the senior state. North Dakota claims the earlier ranking as the 39th State because of alphabetical order, but secretly we’re sure we were first.

To celebrate this momentous occasion for the state we love, the Ambassadors Program and the North Dakota Department of Commerce is launching, LuvND.com, an interactive site celebrating North Dakota’s 123rd birthday. The site features 123 ways to explore the state, one for each year of statehood. The activities featured act as a virtual bucket list for those looking for North Dakota experiences.

You’ll likely find many activities that you can say “I’ve done that!” But better yet, you’ll find a ton of things that you can add to your “must do’ in North Dakota list.

A sampling of the activities listed includes:

  • Have a grinder at the Red Pepper in Grand Forks – named one of Esquire’s best places for late-night food.
  • Climb North Dakota’s highest point – White Butte (Elevation 3506′) near Amidon.
  • Visit North Dakota’s version of Stone Henge – Mystical Horizons near Bottineau.
  • Participate in a grape stomp at Red Trail Vineyard in Buffalo.

The site also features a downloadable list so you can check off what you’ve accomplished. Visit the site at LuvND.com and be sure to share your favorites on Facebook or Twitter. We invite you to add to the list on Twitter by using the #LuvND hashtag in your posts.

Happy Birthday North Dakota … you still look as good as the day you entered the Union!

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